Luxe Empowerment
Hey Babe!! You know, I have racked my brain and have done tons of research about what would be the right thing to say to you, to get you to go
"Yes! I need a session with her now!" 

But when it comes down to it....I could do all the research in the world, post my absolute BEST images to pull you in, list all the facts about how many women are struggling with body positivity and say all the right things. And it wouldn't matter. 

Because this has to be YOUR decision. And when you are ready. I will assist you in owning your session! And girl I am SOOO ready to empower you! The question is....ARE YOU?
Invest in yourself
Empowerment Sessions 
-Complimentary Hair & Makeup
-Outfit/Lingerie Styling Assistance
-Access to our beautiful client closet
-2 Hour Session
-Limited Edition Location 
-Fine Art Credit
A complete luxurious experience, fit for the queen you are.
Don't let those negative voices hold you back!!

Reach out to me. I would LOVE to chat with you!!
Thank you!
Thank you!